Who we Are?

Iranian Green Roof & Infrastructure Association (IGRA) was formed in 2012 and established an organization to distribute and publish greenery, especially vertical greenery, such as green roofs and green walls in one of the metropolitan city of Iran, Shiraz, which has a population of approximately 2 million.

This organization is aimed to be one of the references all over the country for topics about green infrastructure and green projects. It attracts people, such as specialists, engineers, architects and all of the specialized people in greenery and Horticultural people to be members of this organization and to be a most valued member for assisting above mentioned responsibility.

Iranian Green Roof & Infrastructure Association is under supervision of world green roof infrastructure network, WGIN, (a world renown and the most famous organization who work on the green infrastructure all over the world) and is a member of that organization. The chairperson of this organization is Dr.Aslan Jonoubi who himself is a board member of WGIN since 2014 and he had different types of networking with the green people all around the world.

about us

Works Igra has done

Some of the works that IGRA has done in line with the above mentioned goal are as follow:

– We have produced knowledge in the form of writings, lectures and have presented scientific articles in prestigious national and international scientific circles and conferences on green infrastructure that are held in different cities all over the world, especially the conferences of WGIN.

– We have educated up-to-date knowledge of green roof by hosting many symposiums, various classes, seminars and webinars in the field of green infrastructure.

– We have Designed policy and guidelines of Shiraz Green Roof.

– Our sustainable solutions have formed many projects throughout Iran and the projects have achieved honors and recognition for environmental responsibility.

Thanks and hopefully we can produce and expand the greenery all around the country and attract many more people in this area.

Be green,

Aslan Jonoubi