The heads of several international organizations on green roofs first met at the International Green Building Technology Organization in Chicago in 2003 to discuss the issue of green roofs globally. These meetings continued in the following years, until in 2007 the first official national meeting was held, chaired by Manfred Kohler and its active member Steven Peck.

Six organizations from seven countries were elected to the board of directors as found ing members of the World Green Roof Association. One of the goals of this organization is to work for a greener and more sustainable world to deal with the effects of climate change. In the fall of 2009, the board of directors in Toronto approved the title of world green infrastructure network as the world green infrastructure network because green roofs are one of the most important symbols of the organization.

At present, this association has 12 main members of the board of directors from all over the world, Aslan Jonoubi is the only representative of Iran in this association and one of the active and main members of the board of directors.

This association has been held in one of the countries every year since 2008.