Emergency Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal Greenroof & Gardens
Image: Cristina Jorge of Cjcpaisaje


Along with the rest of Europe and eventually the world, Spain’s toll of Covid-19 related deaths lies heavy on the hearts of all. With the spread of the pandemic and mounting increase of hospital patient admissions, last year the governmental body responsible for the system of public health services in the Community of Madrid commissioned a new hospital for emergencies, the Hospital de Emergencias Enfermera Isabel Zendal.

Although some healthcare service providers lobbied against it, arguing for refurbishing older hospitals, the emergency hospital has been very successful in treating many Covid patients in its six months of opening. Fluctuating between hospitalization and immunization services, it has the capacity to vaccinate 10,000 people.

And, Landscape architect Cristina Jorge of Cjcpaisaje has designed an ecologically sensitive and beautiful vegetated roof and surrounding gardens perfect for the arid climate of Madrid. Kudos to Cristina and all the healthcare workers across the globe!

Palette pavements. Protection system, Meeting place, and Circulation systems in the landscape areas of the Covid-19 Pavilion. Image: Cristina Jorge of Cjcpaisaje