The importance of climate-resilient cities
We can no longer deny it. The negative effects of climate change are becoming more frequent and more severe. This year we’ve seen the flooding of many cities, followed by the destruction of infrastructure and even loss of human life. It is therefore of great importance that our cities are made climate-resilient as soon as possible.

How do you design a future-proof city?
In the free webinar Roosmarijn Knol, meteorologist at Infoplaza, explains the causes of flooding from a meteorogical viewpoint. Followed by Dr. Anna Zakrisson, Vice President of European Affairs at Green Roof Diagnostics, who will present various scientific solutions in terms of sustainable urban planning and climate-adaptive architecture. One of these solutions, for example, is the collection of rainwater directly where it falls, instead of it ending up in an already overloaded sewer system.
The free webinar is open to everyone, including policy makers, municipalities, urban planners, developers and architects, who wish to make their city climate adaptive.
Date: Tuesday 12 October 2021
Time: 13:00-14:00 CET
Language: English

About Sempergreen Academy
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About Green Roof Diagnostics
Green Roof Diagnostics provides unbiased, scientific research for the green infrastructure industry. Recognizing a lack of rigorous, verifiable methods for evaluating green roof and urban stormwater infrastructure performance, the Green Roof Diagnostics team has combined extensive experience in engineering, scientific research methods, and industry best practices to develop innovative, reputable testing protocols specifically adapted to urban infrastructure projects.

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