Mexicans create green roofs that cool more than 15º

Green roofs, also known as green roofs or roof gardens, are ecofriendly systems in which, on top of a slab, it is possible to plant some types of vegetation ( from grass to some tree).

And although their placement brings numerous benefits such as regulating the temperature, traditional green roofs are usually expensive and heavy, so they require specific conditions and are inaccessible for families with limit ed resources.

However, this may change thanks to Mexican ingenuity. and it is that, after a long investigation that took around 12 years, a group of specialists from the Autonomous University of Chiapas (UNACH) managed to create Domotej, a green roof capable of cooling up to 17º.

According to a scientific article on Domotej :
This system includes the improvement of its thermal performance and is suitable for use in a tropical climate … In addition, it can offer some advantages over traditional systems because it requires less economic investment and because a progressive construction method carried out by the user can be used “, Evaluation of the structural behavior of the precast component for roof Domotej.