• May 25, 2024
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The World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) is proud to announce the opening of nominations for the WGIN Awards 2024. This prestigious award program recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of green infrastructure across various categories.

Nomination Period: June 15th – June 30th, 2024



    • Green Roofs: Recognizing innovative projects that utilize rooftops for sustainable green spaces.

    • Green Walls: Highlighting excellence in the design and implementation of vertical greening systems.

    • Green Neighborhood Scale & On-Grade Projects: Awarding impactful green infrastructure initiatives at the neighborhood level.

    • Green Infrastructure Policy: Acknowledging impactful policies that promote and encourage green infrastructure development.

    • Green Infrastructure Research & Academic Work: Celebrating groundbreaking research that advances the field of green infrastructure.

    • Green Infrastructure Student Posters: Encouraging the next generation of green infrastructure leaders by recognizing outstanding student research posters.

Award Ceremony: The winners will be announced at the World Green Infrastructure Congress, held in Auckland, New Zealand, from September 3rd to 5th, 2024.

Nominations are invited from individuals, organizations, and institutions that have made significant contributions to green infrastructure development.

We encourage you to nominate deserving projects and individuals for the WGIN Awards 2024.

This version maintains a formal tone while still conveying the key information about the awards program.

Further information

Contact your National Association for more information.




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